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This page is a collection of all of my talks, notes, slides and videos. Feel free to look through it.

I’ve given talks and written articles and notes on all kinds of topics from bitcoin, maxwell’s equations and neural networks to how to get a job in tech, run great teams and inspire action. Not to mention my book! (cough) On this page you’ll find slides, videos, and additional information on some of the talks, lectures, and other content I’ve written. Feel free to write to me if you have any questions.

If any of these links are broken please let me know! If you’re looking for my reading list you can find that here.


The Life of a Professional

100 Life Pro-Tips by David Awad

This book is a collection of tips, tricks, and jokes that I wrote over the span of my college years— a very formative time in my life, indeed. While going through this time, I took notes on experiences that have really stuck with me. It contains lessons I’ve learned in trying to live my own life. Each of these “pro-tips” contains some commentary from myself that provides additional discussion or context on how that pro-tip came to be. They will probably come across as streams of consciousness, segments of jokes, barside storytelling, and very rare glimmers of poetic insight.


Available on Amazon


If you’re here looking for slides from one of my talks you can find all of those links here.

Online Lessons


The links below are links to my YouTube channel where I keep the lectures from my video courses on Codecademy.

There are more links on the channel, but these are a few of them.


Formal things I’ve allegedly written.

Here’s a link to my Google Scholar Page.

Human Computer Interaction



Computer Science



Here are some links to press coverage and other public facing content I’ve been a part of (in a loose chronological order).

Thanks to CordaCon for hosting my talk on Corda 5’s developer preview & kubernetes features

Link [here](

Thanks to for interviewing me

Link [here](

Thanks to Hello Decentralized for hosting me to chat about corda

Link [here](

Thanks again to the IEEE at UCF

I wanted to issue a thanks to the UCF for hosting me to chat with them on how to use software build an analytically structured career and life.

Harvard University’s Tech X Social Impact Summer 2020 Fellowship

I was featured in Harvard’s tech for social good fellowship in the summer of 2020. It was a great experience and i’m happy to have been a part.

Link here

Georgia Tech’s OMSCS Student Orientation

I was one of a few students who were selected to participate in the OMSCS Student orientation video:

BlueSky Business Consulting Leadership Podcast

“Team Engagement Podcast Episode #059: “Teams Grow Closer Through Hardship” with David Awad

Tech 4 Justice Newsletter

My state laws database was featured in the Internet Bar’s Tech 4 Justice Newsletter.

You can see more on that here

DevOpsDays Seattle 2018

I was recently at DevOpsDays Seattle to give a talk on building company culture.

You can find my talk here, and the slides are here.


I was on NPR to talk about Net Neutrality and the recent FCC astroturfing..

Rutgers 30 under 30

I was a featured alumni in the Rutgers 30 under 30! Here’s some snippets from that interview.

Rutgers USACS Hacker Hour.

I was brought in by the Rutgers University Student Alliance of Computer Sciences to give an impromptu talk on Operating Systems.

College Campus Tour with the IEEE

I sometimes visit to speak on college campuses around the northeast with the IEEE to talk to students about career building and issues in technology.

princeton IEEE talk poster